Allsure can properly decontaminate your home, killing all viruses, bacteria and fungi to make your premises safe for you and your loved ones.

Viral diseases like Covid - 19:

According to the new safety regulations imposed by government, everyone should have a safe working and living environment and Allsure can provide that. Our professional Covid - 19 disinfecting service will ensure that your premises are safe to use and free from potential contamination.

Covid-19 virus and other viruses, can only be eliminated when the correct disinfectant is used. The surface disinfectant that is used with our fogging machines, is accredited to eliminate 99.9% of all harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The advantages of applying the disinfectant through fogging machines are:

  • Completely safe to use - The disinfectant is 100% safe and do not harm people, pets or plants.
  • Fast and efficient - The disinfecting fog settles everywhere, adhering to everything and killing all harmful pathogens.
  • It only takes minutes to disinfect a room/office - Large areas can be treated in 20 -30 min.
  • Premises can be used again within 30 min - after fog application Fog disperses when windows are opened, but disinfectant stay on surfaces.
  • Surfaces stay dry - This is the ideal method to disinfect offices with documents, electronics, machinery etc.


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